YOGA RETREAT - Специализиран център за детокс и отслабване Pulse Health Center


Grand hotel Sveti Vlas

from 19 to 24.10.2018


Get ready for the upcoming winter by stimulating your complete body-mind-soul system with our relaxing and recharging YOGA RETREAT PACKAGE in our 5-stars hotel complex Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas, located on the beach of the unique town of Sveti Vlas. Our first-of-a-kind YOGA RETREAT PACKAGE offers the perfect combination of daily yoga lessons, walks amongst the beautiful scenery, and also a full dedication to yourself via yoga and meditation. Pamper your senses and enjoy the relaxation in our SPA Center. In our main restaurant you will enjoy the abundance of healthy and freshly made menu that will satisfy any taste.
Be part of our unique YOGA RETREAT PACKAGE and feel how your physical and spiritual horizons expand day after day….

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Седмица на йогата

Grand hotel Sveti Vlas

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Evening Practice – Spine Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation.

Morning practice – Breathing detox program and yoga practices for detox.
Evening practice – Yoga against insomnia which will calm the mind and improve your concentration

Morning practice – silent meditation and a walk on the beach or zen meditation in the hall. Energizing and recharging yoga.
Evening practice – Yoga for balancing YIN and YANG energies.

Morning practice – contemplation, awareness and realization.
Evening practice – Practicing yoga and awareness of the past, the future and the present. Yoga Nidra.

Morning practice – Yoga with emphasis on the deep inner muscles and their activation.
Evening Practice – Yoga and Therapy.

Morning practice – Yoga to correct your posture and for better breathing.


is a professional athlete and master of sports. Graduated yoga instructor from NSA since 1996 and a therapist, who is practicing eastern massages and healing techniques to improve, prevent and fully restore health. He has been practicing yoga from 25 years. He participated in many national and international yoga seminars. He led many yoga retreats in European countries including Bulgaria. He teaches corporate yoga and he has his own stress-reduction system. He has big knowledge of Pranayama, Concentration and Meditation practices. He taught yoga at the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria. As a yoga lecturer, he has experience with detox and restorative practices. He has his own made systems for spine problems and methods for successful treatment of arthrosis.
is a professional athlete, a graduated kinesitherapist with many specializations and postgraduate qualifications in the field of kinesitherapy. Graduated Yoga Instructor. Owner of a Yoga Center. Lecturer in Healing and Classical Yoga, Yin and Yang Yoga and Yoga Fit. She participated in numerous yoga seminars in Bulgaria and around the world. She organizes yoga retreats in Bulgaria and in Europe.




506 euro /package
  • Two adults in double luxury room with partial sea view for 5 nights
  • 10 workouts
  • 2 lectures
  • Relaxing back massage to release blockages and muscle tension.
  • Special neck massage to eliminate stress and sleep improvement.
  • Every day, 3 main and 2 intermediate health & fitness meals
  • Drinking real natural green tea.
  • Taking zeolite
  • Every day 1 ion detoxification to release the body from accumulated heavy metals, fats, waste products from metabolism, blood and lymphatic system, as well as activation of the activity of the cells
  • Use of SPA Center: aroma sauna, Finnish sauna, steam bath, steam bath, panoramic steam bath, relax zone, jacuzzi and indoor AQUATON swimming pool, and use of Pulse Fitness & SPA.


Book now:

0700 44 600