Pulse Health Center - Detox and slimming clinic - Специализиран център за детокс и отслабване Pulse Health Center


Detox and slimming clinic

Pulse Health Center is a specialized clinical center, the result of years of research and work in the field of dietetics, detox and weight loss, in which a team of specialists takes care of the achievement of the individual goals of each client.

The Health Clinic has medical offices with specialized diagnostic and treatment equipment, a 5-star luxury beachfront hotel base, a Pulse Fitness fitness club for sports, a large spa with a variety of facilities and pools, halls for seminars with guest lecturers, specialized detox restaurants and many more extras.

Located on the very beach, in the resort of St. Vlas, the clinic provides a unique combination of pure mountain air and iodine-enriched sea breeze. The atmosphere in the complex is relaxing and predisposes to full body restoration and maximum physical and mental well-being.

PULSE HEALTH CENTER is a new-generation clinic that guarantees results to its clients, whether they need a successful and lasting weight reduction, complete detoxification of the body, or just want to relax qualitatively through anti-stress and anti-age therapies for revitalization , which each of us needs.


Our revitalization programs will help you charge the batteries and recover completely.



Detox programs include the most modern methods and equipment for eliminating toxins, as well as energy reactivation techniques.


отслабване детокс

We provide guaranteed and lasting results in terms of weight loss, tightness and overall body shape



Our specialists will give you precise research with the latest generation of devices for diagnosis and analysis of the state of the organism.


Pulse Health Center offers a wide range of individual and group procedures for detox, weight loss and revitalization


Meet our team of nutritionists and doctors who will produce a personalized diet with guaranteed results


Stay in the hands of our experienced spa therapies that will cater to your complete relaxation and recovery