Detox and Cellular Regeneration - Специализиран център за детокс и отслабване Pulse Health Center

Detox and Cellular Regeneration


„Intensive Detox“ programme    
Accommodation 15.05 – 30.05 31.05 – 20.06 21.06 – 26.08 27.08 – 30.09
Per person in a single room 455.00 lv. 487.00 lv. 617.00 lv. 487.00 lv.

Per person in a Double Luxury room with a partial sea view

*when two individuals are accommodated

355.00 lv. 382.00 lv.  

445.00 lv.



382.00 lv.



*The price is valid for one person per night and includes:


  • Overnight stay, resort taxes and value added taxes;
  • 5-step eating per day;
  • Wi-fi;
  • SPA centre – aquatonic pools, finnnish sauna, salt sauna, panoramic steam bath, relax zones, Pulse fitness center, and more
  • All the prices are valid with a minimum of 5-day stay.

Our modern world is filled with hungry eating habits, canned food, snacks and semi-prepared products, and the use of chemically loaded household and cosmetic preparations. Adding to this combination of frequent presence of excessively polluted air and water pollution at home, it is no wonder that our bodies are constantly clogged with a number of toxins.

Because toxins are an inevitable part of modern life, you can be sure that you have those within yourself right now that degrade your quality of life and your overall health.

Toxins and heavy metals affect our body in many different ways. Since many of the symptoms of toxicity are mild or not so irritating, they are often neglected, but the toxic symptoms remain, which makes us feel exhausted and generally unwell without knowing what the cause is.

Many disease states, which are not serious in themselves, worsen with time from the presence of toxins in the body. To cure it, it is important to clean ourselves by allowing our organs to fight naturally.
Detoxification alleviates problems with digestion, chronic pain, weight problems, cosmetic problems and a number of other conditions that compromise our health.

Symptoms typical of the presence of toxins include::

  • lack of energy
  • overweight
  • skin conditions such as acne
  • food susceptibility or increased allergic reactions
  • constipation
  • swelling of the abdomen
  • hair loss and nail fragility
  • feeling of weight
  • pain in the muscles and joints
  • headache
  • poor memory or concentration
  • nervousness
  • bad mood or mood swings
  • common sense of poor health

Why does detoxification help us feel much better?

Detoxification is a change in lifestyle that allows our body to clear current toxins and prevent the build-up of additional toxins. In order to “properly” cure the body of toxicity, we must first assess your current health. This includes diagnosis and professional assessment of your physical health, eating habits and general lifestyle. From this you can develop a long-term detoxification plan that will help you restore and improve your health without compromising your body because badly planned or unprofessional detoxification at home can cause a real catastrophe in your body.

 The Pulse Health Center’s Detox programs aim to detoxify the human body at a full cellular level, in addition to eliminating toxins and pathogens, providing the body and the necessary substances for cellular regeneration and long-term health. We look at health on 4 levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – for the purpose of overall health for every visitor. Our team of specialists has been assembled with a mission to build and educate healthy lifestyle habits so that, after completing our programs, we can create a good foundation for long-term health. With the help of a qualified team of doctors, nutritionists, experts in healthy eating and detox, yoga, meditation, proper breathing and coaching, we will introduce you to the world of healing by taking care of your body needs.


/3 day detox program for strong detoxification of juice regime and detoxifying herbs/

A program for strong detoxification of juice regime and detoxifying herbs. The program includes:

  • Accommodation in a luxury room with sea view
  • Review by dietitian
  • Examination by a doctor
  • Basic package of blood tests to diagnose the condition of the client
  • Segment analysis with a 3D scanner that provides data on the percentage of fat, bone density, hydration, tours of different body parts, etc.
  • Analysis of the emotional-energy state of the client with the Aura camera
  • Colon cleansing with Colon hydrotherapy
  • Bioresonance therapy for pathogen removal
  • Therapy to Improve Blood Circulation And Accelerate Circulation With Chi Machine
  • Oxygen therapy with Oxygen Bar
  • Ionic detoxification with a specialized device for cleansing the body of toxins and microorganisms
  • Individual training with a personal Pulse fitness trainer
  • Lectures on detox and nutrition from Nutritionist
  • Access to a dedicated library / video library for healthy lifestyle
  • Day Detox Teas and Juices – scheduled intake
  • Taking detox elixir with Bulgarian zeolite
  • Medicinal juices
  • Purification via alkaline water
  • Talks with a guest lecturer
  • Morning Breathing Practices and Yoga
  • A walk in the nature
  • Evening meditations
  • Night therapy with detox patches
  • Use of Aquatonic pool divided into several thermal zones equipped with powerful single and double-rotating jets for effective tissue massage
  • Use of a thermal area – including Finnish sauna, Salt Sauna with Himalayan salt, Aroma Parna Banya and Hamam
  • Post-detox manual
  • Preparing a personal diet


/7-day full detoxification program/

Full detoxification program. The package includes:

  • Check-in to a spacious luxurious room with a sea view.
  • Personal consultation with a specialist in healthy eating and guidance on individual dietary needs.
  • Medical examination by a general practitioner.
  • Basic package of blood tests for diagnosing the client’s condition.
  • Creation of an individual training and activity program.
  • Consultation with a coach to discuss motivation for change.
  • Oxygen therapy at the Oxygen Bar*.
  • Colon hydrotherapy* for colon cleansing – available upon request.
  • Power Plate procedures for muscle stimulation.
  • Electro fitness training to reduce cellulite, improve blood circulation, and lymphatic flow.
  • Anti-cellulite treatments.
  • Personal training with a leading instructor at Pulse Fitness.
  • Low and high-intensity group workouts.
  • Nature hikes and walks.
  • Lectures on healthy living.
  • Access to a specialized library with materials on healthy living.
  • Fat-burning and metabolism-boosting drinks with zeolite and Bulgarian aronia.
  • Detox herbal teas for eliminating excess water from the body.
  • Drinking alkaline water.
  • 5-step menu with high-quality food specially designed for burning fat, boosting metabolism, and providing essential nutrients for energy and health.
  • Use of the Aquatonic pool, divided into multiple thermal zones, equipped with powerful single and dual rotating jets for effective tissue massage.
  • Use of the thermal area – including a Finnish sauna, Salt sauna with Himalayan salt, Aroma Steam Bath.
  • Monitoring of weight, blood pressure, and pulse, and tracking of results.
  • Personal dietary guidance after the program.
  • Ultrasonic cavitation and vacuum with RF body lifting.
  • TWO sports or restorative full-body massages of choice.
  • Metabolic measurement with a specialized Tanita device for segmental analysis to determine muscle mass, fat, body measurements, and calorie intake.
  • Development of a dietary plan based on the goals set, as well as personal dietary guidance after the program.
  • Energizing and restorative shots after a workout as a supplement to the diverse menu of the hotel’s ultra all-inclusive concept with high-quality food, specially designed for burning fat, boosting metabolism, and providing the necessary nutrients for energy and health.
  • Yoga breathing practices.
  • Lectures on healthy living.
  • Access to a specialized library with materials on healthy living, as well as the Pulse Plus application.