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Bio Resonance Diagnostics / with the latest Metatron device/

  • Harmless scan of all organs at the tissue, cell, and even DNA level
  • Possible diagnoses with a confidence level of up to 98%
  • Diagnosis analysis: stage, development, need for treatment
  • Detecting Causes: bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, allergens
  • iochemical indicators, incl. vitamins, trace elements, hormones, enzymes, etc.
  • Therapy possibilities: foods, herbs, additives, crystals, homeopathy and medications
  • Promotional price for a second review and tracking of changes!

Bioresonance devices, the latest being Metatron, combine the diagnostic capabilities of computed tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance, and ultrasound examination. Each of them separately detects only the process or disease already formed, while the Metatron scanner analyzes the state of the individual body part to cell level and allows for early diagnosis and prognosis for the development of a possible disease from 3 to 5 years before the first complaints occur.

For a short time, the device performs an expressive, painless and non-invasive overview of the entire organism, without the need for pre-special preparation and diets. It is only required about two hours before the study not to consume caffeine, nicotine, energy drinks and food supplements that would compromise the end result.
All organs and cells have specific wavelengths specific to them that characterize their normal function. As a result of stress, infections, allergies, polluted environment, etc. they cause morbid electromagnetic fluctuations other than those of the body and through the nervous system they reach the brain. The device receives the bioimmulsions emitted from the brain, makes a comparative analysis with the program’s information and registers a spectral similarity of disease awareness up to 98% in the organ.

Without any adverse health effects, changes in the wave characteristics of the magnetic fields of each organ in the human body to cell level are measured and analyzed, enabling:

  • to register the illness, including in the early asymptomatic stage, to determine their location, the nature of the pathology, the stage and the course of development, the assessment of the adaptive capacity of the organism.
  • to identify the causative agents of the disease (viruses, bacteria, parasites, allergens, food) and to immediately prepare an adequate individual treatment program, and the selected cures are tested in the resonance chamber of the apparatus for efficiency, tolerance and compatibility.
  • to analyze in each patient the hereditary diseases embedded in his chromosomes and the possibility of early prevention of their occurrence.
  • to determine biochemical performance in NLS analysis mode.
  • to test drugs, nutritional additives, herbs, etc.: to what extent they are suitable for administration to the individual biological characteristics of the tested organism.
  • to speed up the process of recovery of the organism in illness by stimulating its own healing potential by means of META therapy (meta-frequency therapy for cell recovery) which is incorporated into the apparatus
  • to control in the course of treatment the effectiveness of the different methods of impact in the healing process and to compare with previous results obtained.

META therapy – it has a therapeutic effect on the damaged structures, stimulates the regenerative processes in the body, the tissue regeneration and the elimination of the infectious agents. The program is set in the Metatron apparatus. Daily treatment with META therapy is performed on no more than three organs. The total number of procedures is determined depending on the stage and severity of the disease.

Fit3D ProScanner

If you have no idea what your body is actually (remember that weight is usually not a factor in determining it), this scanner will become your most honest friend who will save you nothing. You stand in it for only 40 seconds and it also takes a 360-degree scan to retrieve reference values with guaranteed accuracy. Kilograms,% fat,% bone density,% hydration, tours of different parts of your body and many more. So, by setting a goal, you can follow the process you are approaching by getting reliable information about your progress and whether you are on the right track.
The super-innovative personal status and performance tracking system is a major part of the Pulse Health Center diagnostic.

How it works:

  1. We create you an account
  2. You step on the appliance and grab the handles
  3. For 40 seconds ONLY Fit3D ProScanner makes a full 360 degree 3D body scan and extracts the most commonly used reference fitness measurements without any errors in the calculations.
  4. After 5 to 10 minutes, the diagnosis receives a detailed report from the initial scan that contains body measurements and a 3D avatar.

Aura Camera

Image of the aura – a new technology for visualizing human bioenergy

Our Aura is an indicator of the health and state of mind, spirit and body, and

Aura camera is the only device with which you can trace the relationship between emotions and disease and find the way to health. It analyzes the person’s emotional and energetic state and shows the color, size, shape and integrity of the human biofield. It shows energy distribution in the body and fixes problem areas in case of imbalance. Our thoughts, emotions, potential and physical health are reflected in our Aura. By the color of the Aura we can determine the qualities with which a person is naturally gifted and must develop. Energy center levels show how energy flows in the human body, such as leakage and energy shortages, we can make recommendations for recovering it and find the root cause of lost harmony.

The image of the aura gives a chance to see part of the human nature that is still hidden even by the human being.

A man puts the palm of his left hand on a special panel, equipped with a set of multiple bio-data sensors. A special program, based on years of research, analyzes the information obtained and results in the form of aura and chakra images, diagrams and graphs, and also forms a text report.

Here you will understand:

  • Whether you have energy protection;
  • The color of your Aura and what it means;
  • What are your strengths and how to develop them?
  • Are your chakras balanced?
  • Which emotions make you sick;
  • The qualities on which to work to improve your life;
  • Intimate sphere and compatibility;
  • Whether you or your child is Crystal or Indigo;
  • You will receive individual recommendations according to your needs;


In order to prepare an individual diet for the treatment and the period afterwards, it is necessary to study the physical structure of the body in terms of metabolic rate, pure and body fat and the level of fluid in the body. BMI or body mass index testing is quick and easy. Check for the ratio of fatty tissue to total body weight – this is the basic information on the way to achieving a healthy and carved body!

Does your metabolic age coincide with the actual? Do you drink enough water? Do you have enough muscle mass?

This analysis is very important for the preparation of the right individual diet for the treatment and beyond.

At Pulse Health Center, we make this segmental analysis using a dedicated Tanita device. It scans the body and performs accurate measurements that are of utmost importance in making different modes, such as:

  • Weight loss programs;
  • Detoxification;
  • Anti-stress programs;
  • Regulation of body fat and fluid balance;
  • Maintaining optimal muscle mass;

Tanita tracks the following key metrics with extreme precision:

  • Weight;
  • Percentage of whole body fluids;
  • Percentage of fat in the whole body;
  • Muscle mass in kg;
  • Body Mass Index