Dietetics - Специализиран център за детокс и отслабване Pulse Health Center


Consultation with nutritionist

The consultation with Maya Petrova, our leading nutritionist, is based on her holistic approach to health – to look at the body, mind and spirit as a whole, so that we can have energy, vitality and feel every day. By using medicine for the needs of each client in combination with nutrition science – diet and methods exploring human emotional health – analysis of man’s bio-field and aura, Maya helps his clients significantly improve their health and quality of life life.

During your stay with us, you have 2 consultations included – one at the beginning of the program and one at the end. During the first consultation, depending on the program, our clients go through a discussion of past and current health, program expectations, and identifying certain health indicators through the most appropriate for each test. If necessary, certain super foods and supplements are assigned, and based on this consultation, personal differences are determined for each individual program. After our stay, Maya finishes the various programs with repeat measurements or tests to track the effectiveness of the procedures and assign a subsequent treatment or personal diet.

While you are with us, Maya is also available to track the processes and guide you.

Preparation of individual nutritional diet

During our 7-day detox pack and 14-day weight loss program, everyone gets personalized eating regimes to follow after the end of the program, depending on the needs of the body and the way of life.
We believe that each person is biochemically different and therefore we apply an individual approach to each visitor. Measuring muscle mass, body fat, hydration and caloric intake, we have the ability to produce the exact calorie intake needed for everyone’s everyday needs. Our regimens also take into account the individual preferences of each for certain foods and the results of a food intolerance test that is performed on-site in the clinic.

Maya Petrova – Holistic Nutritionist

‘My dream is for people to realize that we are as good as our health is. We will not be useful to our employers, our family and, most importantly, ourselves if we get sick and have no energy.’

Maya is a Qualified Dietitian with the British Complementary Medical Association (BCMA). Maya’s approach is holistic, looking at the body, mind, and spirit as a whole, believing that if they work in harmony, there will be plenty of energy and vitality in our lives. Maya also includes Chinese medicine techniques for ‘recognizing face diseases’ and determining emotional difficulty from health symptoms.

Maya is a nutritionist at Pulse Fitness & Spa since 2017 as she previously worked in London where she developed her own business by conducting seminars to help women working in an office live healthy in the corporate world. She also started working at the Calmer Clinics in a team of other professionals such as masseurs, physiotherapists and fitness instructors. She works with famous clients and complicated cases such as anorexia, arthritis, diabetes and depression. She has also been involved in preparing for a bodybuilding competition by creating regimens for men and women for the purpose of gaining muscle mass or removing fat.

Maya is a Master of NLP – Neurologistic Programming – a world-famous method that studies the mind, subconscious, behavior and thought process to eliminate unnecessary and unhealthy habits, actions and thoughts – helping me to motivate my clients to improve their health not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. In general, people come to her to overcome injuries and negative emotions, relationship problems, anxiety, and lack of motivation and confidence that can negatively affect health.


  • Destination Wellbeing® based on 12 health pillars – Stress, Nutrition, Life goal, Happiness, Personal Time, Breathing, Movement, Digestion, Detox, Awareness, Energy and Relationships. The program is based on 25 years of experience and research by Dr. Emma Lane (a homeopathic physician and a functional medical practitioner practicing in America and the UK). – Integrative Health Education
  • Master in NLP – Toby and Kate McCartney Academy
  • Reading Facial Diseases According to Chinese Medicine, – Integrative Health Education
  • Bodies and Our Emotions – What They Want to Tell Us – Integrative Health Education
  • The World of Parasites, Sponges and Bacteria – First Level – Integrative Health Education
  • Holistic Treatment of the Digestive System – Interative Health Education
  • Healthy Nutrition and Fitness Diploma – GB Fitness
  • Functional Sports Academy –
  • Healthy Nutrition and Disease Prevention Certificate – Californian University, San Francisco