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Colon hydrotherapy is the most efficient method for detailed and qualitative cleansing of the entire colon, effectively eliminating the accumulation of excrement and decomposable material on the intestinal mucosa. This natural cleansing process eliminates any symptom directly or indirectly associated with poor bowel function.
There are many processes that the human body uses to release the residue. The various mechanisms of detoxification include blood, skin, liver, lymphatic system, lungs and kidneys. However, colon cleansing by colon hydrotherapy is most effective. It cleanses the body not only internally but provides clean skin, good shape and neutralizes the effects of stress and unhealthy food.
Colon Hydrotherapy is extremely popular worldwide. Hundreds of clinics and private practices rely on this therapy as the primary cleansing and detoxifying method. Pure intestines are a key factor in the health of the whole organism. Colon hydrotherapy plays an important role in the holistic therapeutic approach. Thanks to all-round beneficial effects, therapy is extremely popular among many patients.
Thanks to the medical systems of the Colon Hydromat series, they allow extremely simple and yet effective therapy. From Compact Standard Version to Perfect Model with Integrated Color Light Therapy System: there is no other product that combines so many advantages in one device. Patients can be sure they will experience maximum relaxation during therapy and will improve their health for a long time.

Colon Hydrotherapy Pulse Health Center is made with the most modern HAB Gmbh series – Colon Hydromat Comfort. The device is extremely innovative and has many advantages over its competitors:
automatic ventilation:

  • color indication
  • integrated disinfection system
  • meter of water flow and time of therapy
  • modern design
  • precise temperature control
  • user-friendly components
  • precise instructions for therapy
  • a high level of safety for the patient
  • possibility of releasing medical oxygen during therapy
  • possibility of addition of probiotics, herbal and salt solutions.

Herrmann Apparatebau Gmbh is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.


According to experts and the experience of its application, Bioresonance therapy can be considered as a priority among all and to be included in the therapeutic arsenal of mankind. According to the president of the World Medical Association Dr. Cecil B. Wilson, the introduction of this therapy can be compared with the discovery of a New World in the field of medicine.

Knowing the frequencies of parasites, viruses, fungi or ticks, the PULSAR device acts on them with frequency fluctuations that violate their own rhythms and thus suppress their normal metabolic activity. The frequencies used are inherent to the human organism and are therefore harmless to him. In other words, therapy with electromagnetic waves is carried out at the frequency of parasites causing resonance, as a result of which the protective functions of the pathogens are weakened and they die (literally spraying into pieces which are then disposed by urine).

This therapy is completely devoid of side effects, so it is best suited for the treatment of children, people suffering from allergies, etc. and is particularly effective when the achievement of therapeutic success with traditional methods is not possible or involves more time and other costs.

Also called antiparasitic high-frequency therapy, this procedure allows to reduce or eliminate the intake of pharmaceuticals by combining it perfectly with all other methods of both classical and alternative medicine.


Oxygen is the most important element necessary for the normal functions of the body. It is necessary for cells associated with digestion, but also for those with thinking. Inhaled air typically contains 78% nitrogen, 1% carbon dioxide and noble gas, and 21% oxygen, from which only one quarter is completely processed for one breath. A richer oxygen content in the air will increase concentration and improve blood circulation. Under normal conditions, oxygen is a colorless and tasteless gas without aroma.

The oxygen bar or Oxygen bar is a device for inhaling oxygen-enriched air. The first official bar (O2 Spa Bar) appeared in 1996 in Toronto Canada.

Oxygen bar makes breathing more pleasant by mixing oxygen with various flavors extracted from completely natural substances of plant origin.

This type of oxygen therapies offers non-medical oxygen for breathing mixed with different flavors. Such a bar with a 10-minute inhalation of air with 95% oxygen can completely regain energy and tone lost during the day.

Oxygen is the most important element necessary for the normal functions of the body.

It is necessary for cells associated with digestion, but also for those with thinking.


Aura camera is a system that analyzes the person’s emotional and energy state and displays on screen the color, shape, size and integrity of the human biofield, gives a full picture of the energy distribution in the human body and fixes problem areas in case of imbalance in energy centers chakras). This is the only device with which you can trace the relationship between emotions and disease and find the way to health.

How will the photo with the Aura camera help us?

Our potential, thoughts, emotions and physical health are reflected in the Aura! The color of the aura determines the qualities with which man is naturally gifted and must develop in order to achieve success and the levels in the energy centers show the flow of energy in the human body, in the case of shortage and leakage of energy we find the root cause of the lost harmony and we give recommendations for recovery.

Photo and analysis of Aura and chakras define the main issues that can affect our physical body. Our aura – a true indicator of the health and state of mind, spirit and body.

Understand the color of your Aura – see if you have energy protection that keeps you from external negative influences and achieve inner harmony and balance in all spheres of your life!

Come to us to find out:

  • The color of your Aura and what it means
  • Whether you have energy protection,
  • Are your chakras balanced? And if not, why?
  • Which emotions make you sick?
  • What are your strengths and how to develop them?
  • What are the qualities you need to work on to improve your life?
  • Intimate Sphere and Compatibility,
  • Whether you or your child is Indigo or Crystal
  • Get individual recommendations according to your needs
  • And more and more…

How more precisely a photo of the aura is made?

A man puts the palm of his left hand on a special panel, equipped with a set of multiple bio-data fixing sensors. A special program, created with years of research, analyzes the information received and results in the form of aura and chakra images, charts and graphs, and also forms a text report.

The image of the aura gives a chance to see part of the human nature that is still hidden even by the human being. Take advantage of the LOTOS Aura Center and discover a world of subtle bioenergy per person. Perhaps this is the path to self-knowledge.


In the human body there are constantly accumulated waste substances called toxins. Such substances are heavy metals, particles of oxidized fats, decomposing proteins, uric and lactic acids, dead cells and various chemicals taken with air, water and food.

Strongly acidic, toxins destroy tissues, impede normal body functions, and worsen bioenergy thereof. The toxic environment creates conditions for the rapid development of many bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi that cause many health problems.

For the rapid removal of toxins and microorganisms, an ionic detoxifier is used. The patient sucks his legs in warm salt water along with an electrode that produces a positive and negative charge of charged ions (electrically charged particles) that invade our body through the pores of the feet that are over 2000.

In the body, the ions stimulate all the exchange and functional processes. They improve oxygen exchange, basify the body by balancing its ph, activate its immune system. The cells of the body under the influence of the ions pass into an active state and begin to be released from all the waste products that fall into the intercellular space. From there the toxins, dead cells and waste matter are attracted to the electrical potential of the ions, through the pores of the feet leaving the body and falling into the water, thus evacuating.

Results achieved with ion detoxification?

  • The “ion detoxification” procedure releases the body from accumulated heavy metals, fats, waste products from metabolism, circulatory and
    Lymphatic system, smoking;
  • The activity of cells and tissues is activated;
  • Stimulates the autonomic nervous system;
    Blood pressure and blood sugar are reduced;
  • Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;
  • Stimulates the immune system;
  • It facilitates the work of the internal laboratory of the body – the kidneys and the liver;
  • Stimulates the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • A complete physical “massage” of the organism is realized;
  • The level of free radicals decreases;
  • It facilitates the healing of wounds and the overcoming of skin problems such as acne, pigmentation, etc .;
  • It facilitates the ability of the cells and tissues to relax, as a result of which the quality of sleep improves;
  • Normalize body weight.

The color and composition of the waste mixture after the procedure can provide approximate information on the type of discarded toxins:

  • black – waste from the liver;
  • black particles (flakes) – heavy metals;
  • brown – liver waste, smoking;
  • dark green – gallbladder waste;
  • orange – wastes from the locomotory system;
  • red fragments – wastes from the circulatory system;
  • white foam – waste from the lymphatic system;
  • yellow-green – kidney, urinary tract, genital tract.

Recommendations and contraindications for ion detoxification:

Ionic detoxification can be applied to a wide range of users, for anyone who is not contraindicated in physical therapy.

Ionic detoxification does not apply in the cases:

  • in persons using a pacemaker or other implanted medical devices that use a battery;
  • in persons with transplant organs;
  • in persons in a postoperative period;
  • in people with high fever;
  • in persons with acute inflammatory diseases;
  • in persons with skin problems in the leg area;
  • in persons without limb sensitivity;
  • in persons in inadequate mental state;
  • in pregnant and lactating women.


Therapy improving microcirculation

Chi machine is the result of medical and scientific research of the famous Japanese scientist Dr. Shizuo Inoue. It allows the human body to move gently from side to side in eighth (the same way a golden fish swims), which contributes to the maximum natural absorption of oxygen by the body, using all movements of orbits of human anatomy. The machine has an ankle swing on the tip that oscillates (moves from one side to the other) at approximately 140 / minute – fold the average pulse (72) and the cerebral spinal beat (12) synchronized with pulse, blood pressure and spine – a balanced, rhythmic, relaxing, undulating pulse movement is created throughout the body.

This improves the circulation of each cell and tissue, increases the oxygen content and hence enhances the metabolism which promotes detoxification in the cells and the purification of the lymphatic system. Increases energy in the body and the meridian system. Increases concentration. Improves self-esteem. Influences sustainable weight reduction. Performs internal body massage and improves their work and regulation. Treats insomnia – in a calm state, the brain emits Alpha brain waves, giving psychic peace, concentration, clarity – the procedure helps thereof. Relief of stress related complaints – headaches, anxiety, depression. Relieves tension and achieves relaxation. Reduces muscle pain, tension, stiffness, pain in the body. Improves the flexibility of the muscles and joints, making the spine more flexible. Corrects its position and activates the autonomic nervous system.

The procedure is performed in a lying position, without stress, stress or tension, and applies to any part of the body. There is no risk of injury. Pulse and blood pressure do not change. There is no stress for the spine, the heart, the muscles, the tendons, the joints or the lungs.

There are two body positions in Chi Machine treatments:

Goldfish Position: The shoulders are loose on both sides, the palms down.
Tightened Position – Place your hands above the head. -This position creates thrust throughout the body and helps relieve muscle tension and discomfort.
The oxygen content in your cells is critical – the original Chi Machine improves oxygenation. It has been shown that oxygen deficiency in the body is the basis of many diseases and ailments. Chi Machine is an aid to maintain physical health and prevent diseases, physical damage by increasing the extra oxygen content of the whole body at the cellular level through physical stimulation – passive aerobic exercise. Lack of physical activity leads to depression, illness and degrading processes in the body.

The detoxification of your cells is crucial – the original Chi Machine stimulates detoxification. Without daily physical movement, you can not detoxify your body. Aerobic exercise saturates with oxygen the tissues and drives the lymph. Lymph is a colorless liquid that flows through every cell in the body. If the blood spreads and drives the heart, the lymph moves from its own flow that moves and assists in physical exercise. The tissues depend on the lymph, to provide some of the nutrients (including oxygen) and to carry part of the waste to the cell exchange. If the lymph does not circulate, the tissues accumulate their own toxins and acidic waste – lactic acid, lactic acid, etc.

Weight adjustment application


If you use Chi Machine systematically and daily you can lose weight permanently without hours in the gym or diet and diet pills. Fat accumulation and cholesterol are utilized in accelerating metabolic processes. The machine can also help in weight control in the upper abdomen due to menopause and hormonal changes. You need to use the device sequentially, daily, with diet and exercise adjustments. With everyday use, Chi Machine balances the body. Correcting the body condition triggers cellular memory, so if you are underweight, you will gradually gain weight and if you are above the norm you will reduce slowly but surely by weight. By use of the machine and
as a result of a healthy diet-alkaline diet, your body will safely and naturally adjust its weight. The lymphatic system spreads as a tree all over the body to provide some nutrients to the cells and to remove the waste. It is important to take daily action to stimulate the flow of lymph, to help remove the waste from your body. The lymphatic system – which includes the spleen, thymus, lymph nodes and bone marrow – continuously protects the body against millions of microscopic invaders. The lymphatic system is given considerable attention to detoxification of the body. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a circulatory pump. Lack of motion, surface breathing and
even the outburst of anger slows the movement of the lymphatic system. This, in turn, affects the rate of removal of toxins from the tissues and causes them to rebound in the cells. If the toxins are not eliminated by your cells effectively, it affects the performance of the immune system. Exercises, massage and deep breathing stimulate the lymphatic system. Chi Machine efficiently and quickly drives body fluids, assists the lymphatic system in its detoxification and this is extremely important for those who do not move enough, the elderly, the sick, and people in need of motor rehabilitation.


When not to use:

  • Within 3 months after surgery or bone fracture.
  • If the patient has open wounds or infection.
  • During pregnancy (after use, the uterus may contract, contractions may occur).
  • If you have a pacemaker.
  • If you suffer from epilepsy.
  • If you have a serious heart disease (unable to walk).

Regular use results:

  • Continuous calm sleep and increased work-ability, performance and energy that may not have been long overdue.
  • Positive and relaxed, physically refreshed and rejuvenated – Thousands of patients report that their physical pain either disappears or is significantly reduced by regular use of the device
  • Countless users have reported a sharp reduction in medication because of improved health status.


Proverb: “The feet of a man are like the roots of a tree. When a person grows old first legs become weak when the tree dies, first his roots die.”
Natural plant quintessence. The distraction of toxins can be seen. Scattering toxins from the foot is an extremely good way to keep your health healthy.

  • Overnight the black and oil toxins come out of the foot.
  • They distract the toxins and maintain beauty.
  • Relax and remove moisture.
  • They supply a vital substance.
  • They shape and beautify the body.
  • They help sleep and relieve fatigue.
  • Embellish the foot and remove odor.

Detoxifying leg patches (made from plant quintessences) remove the internal moisture and toxins from the foot through the feet, helping sleep, refresh and soften the skin and maintain health. The incredible magical effect of these patches can be seen and felt. They have become one of the most popular and well-known detoxifying and healthy products throughout South Korea and Japan, and are now rapidly spreading through Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, America and the European countries.

The main ingredient of the patches is natural bamboo acid quintessence, which has super-permeation and toxin scattering functions, which can last up to 8 hours. Using these patches, toxins and waste are released from the endocrine, intestinal tract, and they have the function of relieving swelling and sleeping.
Main Purpose: 1. Activates cells by improving vital organ functions. 2. Eliminating moisture, filling with a vital substance. 3. Helps sleep. 4. It dissipates the toxins accumulated in the absorption system, promotes the functions of the absorption system and strengthens immunity.
Main Components: negative ions, shellfish elements, Vitamin C, orange oil, bamboo vinegar, powdered minerals, powdered plants.
It may be used as: cosmetics, abdominal connections, by adults and fatigue, obesity, long-standing people, people with long working and mental tensions.

Miha Bodytec Electrofitness

  • Miha Bodytec quickly and easily tightens and shapes the muscles
  • It tones and massages the body
  • It acts anti-cellulite
  • It burns fat
  • Relieves traumatic pains
  • It affects more than 90% of the muscles simultaneously
  • Gives 4 times faster result
  • 18 times greater stimulation of muscle groups
  • 0% risk of injuries
  • 0% effort
  • 100% visible effect

Miha Bodytec or Fitness of the Future – is the latest generation ultramodern device that, through electric impulses, makes muscle cuts and “licks” the body that trains hard. 20¬minute workout with MIHA BODYTEC equals 120 minutes of traditional workout. 2 or 3 treatments per week are recommended as the muscles load significantly and it is important to observe the recovery time. EMS technology is based on decades of research and development and is based on the training of cosmonauts who do while in space. Professional athletes are already using EMS technology as they prepare for the Olympic Games.

Power Plate

Power Plate is a vibrating device that greatly improves physical performance and body vision, regardless of age. It achieves quick results with short training.

It stimulates the natural predisposition of the body to vibration. These vibrations carry energy waves across the body and stimulate muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second, resulting in increased muscle tone. It is especially suited for people who do not have the opportunity to engage in active sports in their busy daily life, as only 15 minute sessions, three times a week, are enough to get the most out of it!

Power Plate is unique because it creates instability in the body and thus makes it perform muscle reflex action at each vibration, several times per second, thereby greatly improving the strength and endurance of the muscles.

The effect you can achieve with the power plate is:

  • Reduction of subcutaneous fat;
  • Shaping the muscular relief;
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Effective absorption of collagen
  • Visibly firmer skin