SPA and Wellness centre - Специализиран център за детокс и отслабване Pulse Health Center

SPA and Wellness centre

There are two types of saunas – Himalayan / Salt / Finnish aroma sauna available to clients of the Pulse Health Center.

Himalayan salt sauna

The Himalayan sauna is a space in the thermal area of the spa with all-wooden furniture in which the air is dry and heated and enriched with negative ions. Staying in a salt sauna raises body temperature, localizes the well-muscled muscles, strengthens blood circulation, and hence our resistance to stress and effectively helps to chase away the cold. Detoxic therapies in a salt sauna help the body get rid of the toxins by throwing them out through sweat. Salt particles treat skin diseases, purify from bacteria and are very useful for the respiratory system, because they soothe the airways. The body takes minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iodine from the salt, and they are absorbed in it.

Finnish aroma sauna

The temperature in the aroma sauna is about 40-45 degrees, and humidity is maintained around 70-80%. It is used primarily for relaxation, relaxation and detoxification.

A special electronically controlled aroma generator delivers soothing and healing aromas in the required doses – a mix of herbs, lavender, eucalyptus and mint.

It is recommended to stay in the sauna for 10 to 15 minutes, making deep breathing cycles through the nose of the hot air for 4-5 seconds, then holding the air for as much exhalation within 2 to 3 seconds.

Panoramic and aromatic steam baths

Steam baths are similar to saunas – both are small heated rooms, but the difference is the type of heat they provide. The sauna uses dry heat, usually from hot stones or from a closed stove, and the steam bath is heated by a generator filled with boiling water. While the sauna can help relax and relieve tension in the muscles, it does not have the same health benefits of a steam bath. The key to the unique advantages of the steam bath is humidity.

Staying in the steam bath reduces the production of cortisol in the body – this is the hormone that regulates the level of stress we feel.  Spending a few minutes in a relaxed state not only improves our health but also helps heal our minds and improve our focus. Also, staying in a steam bath clears congestion in our body. An environment is created that heats the lining and releases the airways. As a result, its use can help to break down congestion in the sinuses and lungs.

Steam bath also helps skin health – through the heat the pores open, hot condensation rinses the dirt and discards both the toxins and the dead skin, resulting in radiant and more elastic skin with a uniform tan.

Another feature of the Steam Bath is to assist in faster recovery from muscle cramp after workout, as it improves the supply of tissues with oxygen, which has a beneficial effect on muscle tone.

After a steam bath you are guaranteed to feel relaxed and refreshed, and with a guaranteed immune system.

Hamam / Turkish bath

The Hamam is a spacious room with a high concentration of moisture and warmth and soft soft light. It is the Middle Eastern version of the steam bath, which can also be described as a wet variant of the sauna. Its floor and special stone beds, which are performed by our therapists, are warmed to the perfect relaxation temperature of the muscles. The room is maintained at a temperature of about 50 °C and a high humidity of 70-100%. The procedures in the hammam have an extremely beneficial effect on both the muscles and the skin pores, which are easier to open and accept the products the therapists do.

Aromarelax room

Enjoy the feeling of unparalleled relaxation that will bring you the silent exotic music and subdued candlelight at the Pulse Health Center’s spa. Relax your senses and let them feel the bliss of deserved rest. At your disposal is a laconium with stone hot beds and comfortable armchairs around a fireplace with live fire.

Luxury massage cabinets

Pulse Health Center has 6 massage cabs for spa therapies and rituals in which our spa therapists will help you relax, remove stress and tension and take care of your body and spirit.

To make your program more productive, you can enrich it with plenty of spa treatments, therapies and massages from all over the world. Whether you prefer a light or powerful massage, if you have a problem area or just want to relax, our therapists will do miracles for you. In addition to the specific massages, treatments and therapies included in your program, you can also benefit from:

  • Traditional massages
  • Healing massages
  • Exotic peels
  • Reflexology
  • Procedures in a Turkish bath
  • Sports Massage
  • Special after-beach massages
  • Anti-cellulite procedures
  • Slimming modeling therapies
  • Massage rituals for two
  • Procedures / face masks