Restart - Специализиран център за детокс и отслабване Pulse Health Center



“RESTART” programme

Prices and dates

Accommodation 15.05 – 30.05 31.05 – 20.06 21.06 – 26.08 27.08 – 30.09
1 Person in a single room 488.00 lv 520.00 lv       650.00 lv 520.00 lv

1 Person in a Double luxury room with partial sea view

*with two people accommodated


388.00 lv


415.00 lv


458.00 lv



415.00 lv


*The price is valid for one person per night and includes:


  • Overnight stay, resort taxes and 9% value added taxes included;
  • 5-step eating per day;
  • Wi-fi;
  • SPA centre – aquatonic pools, finnnish sauna, salt sauna, panoramic steam bath, relax zones, Pulse fitness center, and more
  • All the prices are valid with a minimum of 3-day stay.

Are you stressed?
Do you feel tired and without energy, and when you are on holiday, you can not calmly relax?

Stress. Deep exhaustion. BurnOut. Reluctance to meet people. Junk food. Alcohol. Insomnia. It sounds familiar? If you want to cease these sensations – there’s already room thereof.

We built for you a weekend program that will make you feel in a way you have not felt ever. Instead of spending a weekend in greedy ingestion of food, alcohol and any harmful substances, we will offer you the true form of relaxation that will surely charge your “batteries” and will unavoidably return your desire for life.

After a few days at the Pulse Health Center you will return home and workplace as a new person – relaxed, fresh, rested, with a cleansed body and a clear mind. We promise you will immediately feel the change to better concentration, greater office efficiency, more home calmness, lighter skin, even tangible increased libido. Come to learn how to restart with high quality even in only 3 days!

Symptoms typical of the presence of stress include:

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of energy
  • Loss of motivation
  • Irritability
  • Sleep problems
  • Headache
  • Degraded memory
  • Decreased concentration
  • Problems in working capacity
  • Frequent diseases
  • Hair loss
  • Emotional instability
  • Depression
  • Morning breathing practices and yoga;
  • Nature walks;
  • Night therapy with detox patches;
  • Use of an Aquatonic pool, divided into several thermal zones, equipped with powerful rotating jets for effective tissue massage;
  • Use of a thermal zone – including a Finnish sauna, Salt sauna with Himalayan salt, Aroma Steam Bath;


/3-day anti-stress program/

A program for strong detoxification of juice regime and detoxifying herbs. The program includes:

  • Accommodation in a luxury room with a sea view;
  • Consultation with a specialist in healthy eating;
  • Consultation with a doctor;
  • Basic package of blood tests for diagnosing the client’s condition;
  • Bioresonance therapy to eliminate pathogens;
  • Therapy to improve blood circulation and speed up blood flow with a Chi machine;
  • Oxygen therapy with Oxygen Bar*;
  • Ionic detoxification with a specialized device for cleansing the body of toxins and microorganisms;
  • Individual training sessions with a personal Pulse fitness trainer;
  • Access to a specialized library with materials on a healthy lifestyle;
  • Daily detox teas and juices – intake according to a schedule;
  • Intake of detox elixir with Bulgarian zeolite;
  • Cleansing with alkaline water;
  • Ultrasound cavitation and vacuum with RF body lifting;
  • One sports or restorative full-body massage of choice;
  • Metabolite measurement with a specialized Tanita apparatus for segmental analysis to determine muscle mass, fat, body measurements, and calorie intake;
  • Creation of a dietary plan based on your goals, as well as personal guidelines for eating after the program;
  • Energizing and restorative shots after workouts as a supplement to the diverse menu of the ultra all-inclusive concept of the hotel, specially designed for fat burning, metabolism boosting, and providing necessary substances for energy and health;
  • Yoga breathing practices;
  • Lectures on a healthy lifestyle;
  • Access to a specialized library with materials on a healthy lifestyle, as well as the Pulse Plus application.